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Sign All the Attacking Midfielders: Spurs Linked with Alan Dzagoev

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According to multiple news sources, Tottenham Hotspur have shown interest in signing Russian international Alan Dzagoev from CSKA Moscow. This information comes, originally from a Daily Mail article which quoted Dzagoev's father as saying:

"I don't know if he will stay at CSKA. There are offers - from Spurs and other clubs. But I tell him not to hurry. Yury Zhirkov ran off to Chelsea and sat on the bench."

Meanwhile The Express (via ESPN) quotes the elder Dzagoev as saying:

"Offers have come in for him. Spurs have called, as have other clubs...Alan originally signed a contract for three years, and then it was extended to five. It wasn't what my son wanted, but it does benefit the club. The longer the contract, the more money CSKA would get if they sold him before its expiry."

If Spurs are looking for a Luka Modric replacement Dzagoev might be a decent shout. The player had an excellent Euro tournament and we all know how it worked out the last time the club bought a Russian player following the Euros. The price tag on the playmaker is rumored to be in the neighborhood of £15 million. Not exorbitant, but still close to a club record.

I could certainly see this deal happening and if what Dzagoev's father says is true, then I definitely like that the club is being proactive in finding a Modric replacement. Not sure though how signing Dzagoev and rumored signing Gylfi Sigurdsson can be justified when the club still only has one proven striker on the books. I appreciate that we're trying to replace Luka and Rafael van der Vaart, but can't we address our biggest weakness first?