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Tottenham Hotspur Will Announce Andre Villas-Boas As Manager This Week

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I know, that's a very obvious headline, at least if you believe what's being reported by pretty much every major news outlet, blogger, tweeter (twitterer?) and ITK'er in the known universe. However, just in case you were not aware, Tottenham Hotspur seem likely to announce Andre Villas-Boas as the club's new manager at some point this week.

The Sun has even gone so far as to release what it feels are details of AVB's contract with the club. Allegedly, the former Chelsea boss is giving up £11 million of his Chelsea buy-out in order to sign with Spurs. Daniel Levy, however, is making sure that the Portugese manager is well compensated; offering him a four-year deal worth £16 million.

The Sun article also persists with claims that Tim Sherwood will be appointed Technical Director of the club, thereby allowing Villas-Boas to concentrate solely on implementing his system. It is believed that the signing of AVB and the promotion of Sherwood will be announced on Tottenham's offical web site today and that the new manager will be unveiled tomorrow.

Take all this with a grain of salt, but as always, I maintain a position that just so long as we hire someone soon I don't care who it is. If the week closes, heck if Tuesday passes, and we still don't have a manager I'm going to be more than a little miffed.