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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 20, 2012

Because I can
Because I can

Happy Friday, Spursland! A lot has been written about the retirement of Ledley King and I imagine much much more will be written in the future. I could do little justice to his career to say anything less than thank you, you will never be forgotten and you will be forever missed on the field. Now let's get cracking on a statue.

And now the "news"

Redknapp Hails King- Sky Sports

Except no, not really. It's just as much as needs to be polite. He harps on about how beat up the CB's are and kind of makes it all about himself. Way to be a sport, Harry.

Villas Boas Slaps £35m Price On Modric- BBC

Okay, that is a bit different from what we have been hearing. Recent consistent rumors have been for a price closer to £28 million. The news that there are still three interested parties is new as well considering that in recent days it has been believed the Real Madrid had chased off all competitors. So basically everything we knew, it turns out we don't. I will now leave you and your ulcers to your business.

The Eulogy Of Our King- Dear Mr Levy

As always, Spooky from Dear Mr. Levy makes the simplest feeling into the most eloquent words. The is your MUST READ of the week. All hail the King.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Celebrating Fat Guys: Nine Gargantuan GIFs- SB Nation

I wouldn't call any of those guys fat. I feel somewhat robbed. And now you clicked on it too, didn't you, you dolt. SHARE MY MISFORTUNE WITH ME!!!!!!!

adidas Announces "Smart Soccer" For MLS- SB Nation Soccer

Oh adidas, could you pretty, pretty please just take all that technology and cram it up your ass. Why do people think we need this? The great thing about sports is that they are inherently very simple things: kick a ball into a net more often than the other team and you can't use you hands. That's it, now go play. Simple stuff that turns into greatness. I believe any chefs on here would agree that the same is true about food -- the greatest things are usualy the simplest. This isn't a concept that is exclusive to sports.

Now I am not inherently against technology, I just tend to not like it when it isn't needed. But wait you say; look at all the data that the coaches can access in real time now. THEY ALREADY DO THAT. They do that with their eyes and their brains, those hunks of flesh between their ears! They use their decades of playing the game at high levels to analyze their team's strategy and players' performances. The only reason any one of them would need to use this is if they were a moron. Last time I checked teams don't hire morons to run teams, although I suspect Philly Union fans would disagree with that statement. So lets do what Nancy Reagan told us to do and just say no. And I just realized that considering this site's demographics that was the first time most of you have heard the name Nancy Reagan, fuck aging sucks.

(Editor's note: Who can imagine theroosevelts sitting in his chair in the 1950's and 1960's complaining about the daggum rock n' roll?)

Chelsea Sign Hazard, The Other One- We Ain't got No History

You guys can't have all the Hazards! Why can't you guys just share?!