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Image: Luka Modric At A Cafe With A Man Who Is Allegedly Florentino Perez

Getty Images

Update: Luka Modric did not train Friday, reportedly trying to force transfer

If you click the link in the tweet below, you can see Luka Modric eating at a cafe with a man who appears to be Florentino Perez. Because of this picture, Sky Bet has slashed the odds that the Tottenham Hotspur playmaker will head to Real Madrid.

This is the internet in 2012, guys. This is what betting is based on. Unsourced twitter pictures of footballers eating with what appears to be club presidents. But it's not even entirely clear that this is Perez. And Sky Bet don't even say whether or not that cafe is in Madrid, or Spain at all, or London, or Zagreb. Who the hell knows where they're eating.

EDIT: We think they're in Soho.

Also, once again, that might not be Florentino Perez. I hate the internet.

But yeah Luka Modric is probably going to Real Madrid.