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Robert Lewandowski Probably Not Going To Spurs (Or Chelsea), But Let's See How This Rumor Started

Bongarts/Getty Images

I bet you guys are interested in how transfer rumors get started. Usually, it comes from an agent or a low-level guy inside of a club trying to stir up some crap. Sometimes, it comes from staffers at papers and websites making things up. But my favorite kind of transfer rumors come from reading way too much into foreign reports or interviews. Today's subject is Borussia Dortmund and Poland star Robert Lewandowski.

Our good friends at the Daily Fail -- possibly prompted by Lewandowski's agent, whose interest is getting his client the biggest contract possible -- claimed that Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are in a bidding war, and that he'll probably cost in the neighborhood of £20m.

Then, there's an interview Lewandowski did with Polish television station TVP. Follow me to below the jump.

Robbie caused a stir with this:

"This [the Premier League] is a league in which I would like to play and I hope to manage that at some point."

This is a pretty normal thing for players to say, and it doesn't mean they're thinking about leaving their current clubs anytime soon. By now, players should be aware of how the media twists this commonly uttered sentence, but they keep doing it, so I'm forced to assume that they either do not know or really do not care. turned this quote into the headline "Lewandowski still hoping to play in the Premier League," and things went haywire from there.

Since then, Dortmund's president has reiterated that Lewandowski isn't leaving and that they're trying to work out a new contract. According to a HARRY HARRIS TRANSFER EXCLUSIVE, Chelsea had a £17m bid for Lewandowski rejected.

Lewandowski's agent wants to get more money for his client, Lewandowski himself would like to play in the Premier League eventually and the Daily Mail (and, and Harry Harris) do not care how they get their page views. None of this means that Robert Lewandowski is going to be making a transfer to a Premier League club this summer.