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Steven Pienaar Is Still Probably Going To Everton

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I was a bit surprised when Steven Pienaar started Tottenham Hotspur's friendly match against Stevenage this week, and I'm sure I wasn't alone in that. Most of us have assumed for quite a while that he'll be moving to Everton, and I expected him to sit out preseason games because of that pending transfer. Apparently, it wasn't far enough along for Andre Villas-Boas to sit him down for the game, but David Moyes is still confident that a deal is going to get done.

Everton played a preseason match against Motherwell on Saturday, and Moyes was asked about Pienaar after the game.

"I think we are much closer to Pienaar and hopefully in time I will have something, but I don't quite have it yet."

Why this is being held up, I'm not really sure. Maybe Everton has to make a sale or clear someone off their books before they can sign Pienaar? He does have very high wages, and Everton are quite broke.

Also, this is your regular reminder that Pienaar is due in court in South Africa in a few days because he allegedly beat up some kid for using the wrong toilet.