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Cartilage Free Captain: Full Access

Cartilage Free Captain is coming to Baltimore with Tottenham Hotspur. All in the game, Yo.
Cartilage Free Captain is coming to Baltimore with Tottenham Hotspur. All in the game, Yo.

I have some interesting news to share with you all. Thanks to the legwork of Bryan Ashlock, I have been able to obtain full press access for Tottenham Hotspur while they are in Baltimore to face Liverpool. Not only will I be in the press box and have post-game interviews on Saturday, but also I will attend Friday's training session and subsequent press conference.

Cartilage Free Captain will be striving to give you as much content as possible as we take advantage of this opportunity. I will try to interview everyone I can and work with our staff to provide the best game analysis possible. If you want to stay updated with this grand adventure, follow our twitter at @CFCaptain and me personally at @BrianMechanick, where I will try to provide constant updates and pictures. If you want pictures from the whole experience, my Instagram is brianmech (cause I'm all artistic like that).

All of what I want to do in Baltimore is for you guys, so please sound off in the comments what content you want coming out from this weekend. Who do you want me to try to interview? What questions do you want? How many CFC meme jokes should I make? All of your thoughts and ideas will help guide the content.

Also, this Baltimore match seems to be the most full of CFC members of the USA tour, so feel free to use this post as a virtual gathering spot for the weekend. I would love to grab some drinks with the commentariat, so drop off plans and locations in the comments, and let everyone know if you're coming and want to join in the festivities.

It should be an awesome weekend, with a lot of fun and great content coming out of it. Get excited.