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Luka Modric Returns To Training With Tottenham Hotspur

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Due to a combination of factors like "needing money" and "realizing that Daniel Levy is not to be trifled with", Luka Modric has returned to training. The club confirmed in a release on Monday night that Modric trained today. This is the least surprising thing ever.

The team has already fined Modric, and if he failed to turn up for training today, they were going to fine him again. Modric probably has a fair bit of money in the bank, but giving up hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of paychecks to go to a team that will pay you more money is not constructive. Also, it's going to make Daniel Levy less likely to sell him.

Apparently, "The coaching staff will now determine the remainder of his pre-season preparation." Whatever that means. Hopefully making him do suicides and up-downs all day, every day. I expect Modric to get sold eventually, but who knows what kind of turns this saga is going to take over the next five weeks.