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Scott Parker To Undergo Surgery, Even If Tottenham Doesn't Want To Tell Us

Poor Scotty
Poor Scotty

Tottenham Hotspur are pretty much the worst club ever when it comes to telling people what is going on with their injured and maybe injured players. Players injured? They won't tell us. Players having surgery? They won't tells us. Players fit? They won't tell us.

Instead, news about players' injury status comes from newspapers, kind of like it did today. According to the Guardian, who spoke with Andres Villas-Boas, Scott Parker will have surgery on his ankle/Achilles.

"There might be a small tear on his achilles – we are at the moment evaluating the situation regarding a possible operation that can take four to six weeks normally to heal," Villas-Boas said.

Thanks for telling us us absolutely nothing, Spurs. You were really great.

But in actual not bitching about the club news, Parker's injury is an expected blow. He was clearly hurting at Euro 2012 and it was just a continuing problem that he picked up at the end of Spurs' season last year, when he was also clearly hurting. Now he will get the surgery and hopefully get back to 100%.

Exactly where he would play in Villas-Boas' 4-3-3 is still up in the air. There doesn't appear to be a ready-made place in the starting XI for him, but he could certainly be useful off the bench to run around and bug the crap out of opposing players. It's his specialty. Hopefully he'll be back in that four to six week timeframe and can play again by the beginning of September. Fingers crossed (and thanks for nothing, club).