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Wednesday Day Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 25, 2012

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This is the look of awe you will make when you get a proper Maryland crab cake.
This is the look of awe you will make when you get a proper Maryland crab cake.

Happy Wednesday Spursland! As the epic gathering of the commentariat in Baltimore draws closer I believe that I have a duty to inform you of some options for the time you aren't holding Kevin McCauley's hair while he vomits, or at the game.

If you are arriving and spending the weekend in town there are plenty of things to do. If you have kids, a significant other, or just good shrooms the aquarium is the single greatest use of water ever. Also Port Discovery is excellent for spending an afternoon having fun and learning with younger kids and it's right in the inner harbor.

As for eating and drinking, no matter what you do, no matter if the Concierge at your hotel tells you the Stones are playing a surprise set there, NEVER EVER go to Ram's Head Live. Yes, order the crab cakes. We are just starting the prime part of crab season so if you see crab on the menu eat that ish. Faidley's Crab Cakes is considered king of the city however you can't really go wrong anywhere in town that isn't a chain. If you want to actually pick crabs, head to Obrycki's in Fells Point. If you and the Mrs. or Mr. are looking for a fine dinning experience and have plenty of disposable income try the tasting menu at The Charleston. They do seasonal new-American flavors exceptionally well. For less refined offensively priced dinning options that do not include a manditory cheese course try just about any place with a sign that says pitt beef outside, and don't you dare put cheese on your sandwich, it's all about the meat, bro.

For pre-gaming do hit up Pickles Pub. It's within walking distance of the stadium. Do drink lots of Natty Boh, and always always touch the statue of Johnny Unitas' foot on your way in the stadium. Have I mentioned to never ever go to Ram's Head Live?

Go in peace to love and sing for Spurs.

Jenas Does Not Want To Play In The Championship - Sky Sports

Sky Sports is rapidly slipping into Daily Mail territory. This article, which I assume was posted here and not in The Sun by accident claims that Jenas does not want to drop to the Championship. It contains no quotes from the player. So tomorrow I am confident that Sky will post a story claiming that Rooney dislikes eating raw ghost chilies whole and that Robin Van Persie believes water keeps you hydrated.

Jason Bert Gets In On The Making Sh*t Up Party Linking Spurs To Willian and Dembele - Telegraph

Do journalists just not know what to do with themselves when the team leaves the country? Are they stymied in their attempts to report anything real by the breadth and ferocity of the Atlantic ocean (who you can follow on twitter here)? This reminds me so much of 7th graders homework when they forget their textbooks.

What's Happening Around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Ostrich Racing Is Real, And Its Fantastic - SB Nation

This is the greatest fucking thing in the history of anything. It is better than that one time you did that thing at the place. It's better than getting heckled while playing horseshoes, locking eyes with the offending party, and then giving them the finger while you hit a ringer. Pay attention to the details: from the name of the race, to how close to winning the race the leader is when he falls off. And the names! Oh, the names are so perfect. It's like Christmas morning and Thanksgiving dinner had a baby.

MLS Power Rankings Week 19 - SB Nation Soccer

Outkast themed. What are you waiting for? Click that ish, broski. Is that how the kids talk these days? I'm horribly out of touch.

Karl Gotch Week: Satoro Sayama And The Style Of Japanese Catch Wrestling-Bloody Elbow

This is a great example of why Bloody Elbow is one of the biggest sites in the SB Nation network. Throughout it's existent existence Bloody Elbow has produced multiple multi-volume histories of MMA going back sometimes over 100 years to examine the evolution of the styles of fighting that eventually came together to form what we see now in MMA. This week they celebrate the man who historically speaking is responsible for what would eventually become Pride Fighting Championships, and a massive portion of the Japanese pro wrestling industry. An American champion who traveled the world training people in the old school style of catch wrestling. The man is a legend of grappling on the same level as Danny Hodge, Relio Gracie, and Alexander Karelin. If you like combat sports this is a must read.

For more specific questions regarding what to do, where to hang out in and around Baltimore just ask in the comment's section and I or probably SkipJack will get back to you.