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Everton, QPR, Sunderland All In On Want-Away Steven Pienaar


Steven Pienaar, we hardly knew ye. If you are not on the way to Everton, maybe you'll be on your way to QPR or Sunderland. Wherever you go, it is becoming more and more unlikely that you will remain at Spurs.

Sky Sports understands that Queens Park Rangers and Sunderland are both weighing up a move for Steven Pienaar.

Sky Sports has also learnt that Everton and Tottenham have failed to agree terms for the South African ace, despite lengthy talks.

Negotiations between Everton and the player have also not been concluded.

I'm tempted to call bull on this report since Sky has never understood and learned something in the same day, but there is a first time for everything. Also, this is very believable, so there is that.

It is pretty clear that Pienaar is not in Andre Villas-Boas' plans or that he does not want to be at Spurs, maybe both. That's fine. He is a good player and the team could use some wing cover, but Andros Townsend is having a good preseason and Pienaar can still bring back a decent fee. Whether that is from Everton or someone else, whatever.