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Gareth Bale Could Face Ban For Skipping Olympics, But Stuart Pearce Won't Complain

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Gareth Bale pulled out of Stuart Pearce's Olympics squad due to an injury, but as we know now, it wasn't particularly serious and he very well could have played for Great Britain. He started for Tottenham Hotspur last night and continued to play in the second half, leading me to believe that this was a classic Steven Gerrard or English Manchester United player-style over-exaggerated injury designed to keep a player out of international duty.

Sepp Blatter opened his fat mouth on this issue because he's Sepp Blatter. Here's what that f--king snake had to say.

"So far, nobody has come to FIFA [to complain about Bale] - but it is a possibility that we could ban these players if they are not at the disposal of the national team. They [a football association] complain and then we say: 'Let this player go or he cannot play for the club.' FIFA's position has never been so clear as it is now for the Olympics 2012 and 2016."

Good for you, Sepp.

But, we have nothing to worry about. Stuart Pearce will not complain to FIFA about Bale's absence, probably because he doesn't know if Bale actually was injured when he said he couldn't take part in the Olympics. Also, presumably because he's not a jackass.