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PSG Interest In Luka Modric Means Tottenham Can Hold Out For £40m

£40 million is the number so deal with it, Madrid
£40 million is the number so deal with it, Madrid

Daniel Levy's new favorite club might be Paris Saint-Germain. The Qatari funded, soon-to-be dominating Ligue 1 club have thrown their hat in the ring for Luka Modric and completely changed the game for Tottenham Hotspur.

Once Levy ruled out selling Modric to another Premier League club it left just one team in pursuit -- Real Madrid. They have money and might have been able to meet Spurs' £40 million valuation, but demanding that they up their bid for a player who doesn't want to be a Tottenham player makes for some tough negotiations. Levy may have demanded £40 million, but it was hardly a guarantee that he would get it.

Enter PSG. The French club are reportedly now in on the bidding and are willing to match Spurs' valuation of him. Now it's not a matter of Spurs valuing Modric at £40 million, but his actually being worth that much on the market. With a club being willing to pay £40 million that becomes his actual value, not just the selling club's valuation.

Modric is not interested in going to PSG so it is unlikely that he does. He wants to play for Madrid for obvious reasons and money can't top that in the Croatian's eyes, which is fine. Modric doesn't have to be willing to go to Paris, but even if he doesn't, Real Madrid can't exactly demand that Spurs sell at £30 million or £35 million when another club is willing to pony up £40 million. They have to match PSG's bid and if not he stays at White Hart Lane.

Whether they can match PSG's bid might depend on whether they can sell Kaka. Our friends at Managing Madrid reported that the club needed to move Kaka to fund a Modric buy and now reports out of Italy say that Kaka's agent met with AC Milan to discuss a return to the San Siro for the Brazilian.

It's all coming together right now for Spurs in the Modric negotiations/saga/nightmare. £40 million in the number and that is that, thanks to PSG, and if Milan and Madrid can agree to a deal for Kaka then Real Madrid might have the money to buy Modric at the price that Spurs want. This sounds downright logical now so expect someone to throw a wrench in it soon.