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Tottenham Hotspur Injury Update: Kyle Walker, Rafael Van Der Vaart Not Seriously Hurt

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Rafael Van der Vaart and Kyle Walker both had to come out of Tottenham Hotspur's friendly against the LA Galaxy with injuries on Wednesday, but the team has alleviated any concerns about their long-term health. Neither is going to play against Liverpool this weekend, but their injuries are not serious and Andre Villas-Boas hopes that both of them will be able to play in the team's final friendly of the tour against the New York Red Bulls.

Tottenham's update on the fitness of players on tour also had an interesting note about Gareth Bale that is a bit ambiguous. Here's what the club said.

We initially anticipated that Gareth would return for our friendly against Baltimore on Saturday, but the winger's rehabilitation from a back injury has gone better than expected, having travelled out with dedicated medical personnel.

Gareth will now continue his recovery programme with the medical team with the target of being fully match fit for the start of the Premier League on August 18.

Does this mean that Bale is done for the tour and that he will return to working with the medical staff, or that he's fit and will continue to play while working with the medical team? This isn't entirely clear. I guess we'll find out on Saturday.