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Can 'Luka Modric Transfer Close' Rumor Actually Be Real This Time?

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Hey, look, another Luka Modric rumor! And this one, like many before it, claims that Modric's move to Real Madrid is close. It was close a month ago, but forget about that! This time, it's really close. Trust us!

Today's Modric rumor comes via the Telegraph, who is reporting that Modric's advisers are meeting with Real Madrid on Thursday to hopefully put together a deal to finish up the transfer. Of course, this is the most irrelevant thing in the history of ever. Even if Modric's advisers and Madrid wrap up everything on their end, there's still that pesky problem of Real Madrid bidding £13m less than Daniel Levy's current asking price.

The headline on this article is just hilarious, isn't it?

Luka Modric's move to Real Madrid moving closer as advisers meet with Spaniards

No, it really is not. There is nothing that a meeting between Modric's advisers and Madrid can do to make the move closer. Stop.

Modric and Steven Pienaar are doing their thing with the reserves right now, which I'm sure they're thrilled about. I fully expect both to leave the club by August 31, but I'd prefer that they left before the first team gets back from their U.S. tour.