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Tottenham Deny Embellishing Bale Injury, Implicitly Tell Sepp Blatter To Get Bent

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Tottenham Hotspur has released a scathing statement against all claiming Gareth Bale and/or Spurs of impropriety in the Welshman's non-selection for Team GB. Controversy arose across Great Britain as Gareth Bale started for Tottenham Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Galaxy, despite missing out on the Olympics with back injury. FIFA President Sepp Blatter decided to get involved in the issue.

However, Spurs have responded by stating that at no point was Bale removed from selection by himself or the club, and rather it was Team GB Manager Stuart Pearce who decided not to select Bale. Spurs decided to reveal full transparency, stating:

"Gareth sustained an injury as he built up his fitness ahead of joining up with Stuart Pearce's side. MRI scan reports were sent to the FA medical team on 29 June (2012). He was subsequently not selected on the basis of this injury and the inability to predict recovery time. This decision was not taken lightly and made only after consultation with Team GB's medical team, who were in agreement after seeing the medical reports.

At no time was Gareth made unavailable for selection. Indeed, Gareth made clear publicly on numerous occasions his desire to compete for Team GB and was extremely disappointed on hearing the news he would not be fit to participate."

This news should end any controversy that Bale could face a potential ban from playing with Tottenham Hotspur during the length of the Olympics. Bale and Spurs clearly believe they acted in full faith, and the decision for Bale's non-selection clearly lies with the staff of Team GB. Hopefully the statement helps put this controversy behind Bale as the newly re-signed winger gears up for the upcoming Premiership season.