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New Official Baltimore Meet-Up Post


I'm waking up at 6:00 tomorrow morning to cover Tottenham Hotspur's training session, so I wanted to create an easy aggregator for all Cartilage Free Captain members heading to Baltimore for this weekend.

This is the link for the DC/Baltimore Spurs supporter schedule. As I understand it, training is closed unless you're press or got the hook-up through DC Spurs. Otherwise, Friday afternoon at Ryleigh's seems the ideal CFC meet-up booze-a-palooza. Gameday will obviously be awesome.

Use this post to say if you're coming, what events you are looking to attend with everyone, and how best to get in contact with you (assuming you want to join in the festivities). Anyone who wants to get in contact with me should tweet at me (@BrianMechanick), where I will be happy to DM you my number, or you can just e-mail me at bmechanick [at] gmail [dot] com.

It seems like we should have a huge turnout of community members, so I would love if we could be well organized and coordinated to make this a glorious weekend of Spurs football. Can't wait to meet you all, and have a safe trip to Baltimore!