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Niko Kranjcar Talks Some Smack About Daniel Levy, Tottenham Hotspur

UEFA via Getty Images

Guess what, guys? Niko Kranjcar is friends with Luka Modric, and he cares more about Modric and what Modric wants than he does about his former employer and Modric's current employer. I know this is incredibly difficult to comprehend, but if you search your soul, you'll realize it to be true.

All jokes aside, Niko Kranjcar allegedly gave an interview that the Daily Mail picked up. I don't know if they got the interview themselves, but they don't give the source of the quotes. I'm going to assume that a large block of quotes from a player is not made up, but given the recent Lukas Podolski 'interview' with ESPN, who knows. After the jump, you can see everything Niko said about how Daniel Levy is a jerk, how awesome Real Madrid is, and how Spurs aren't a big club.

"If I were Modric, I would go on strike, too. To have an offer from Real Madrid is a once-in-a-career opportunity. I'd do anything to get to Santiago Bernabeu. I know the chairman talked to him face to face last autumn. Levy did everything to protect the interests of the club and make a profit. If you were in Luka's shoes, you would probably do the same as him. They held me back for two years, until my new club paid what they were asking, and not a pound less. Though lots of people will say it's not like Tottenham, if you look at history, Dynamo Kiev is bigger than Spurs."

That last bit was probably taken out of context just to get a rise out of Spurs fans. Ignore that, it's not really relevant to the rest of this. Plus, it's not like he's wrong, when it comes to "history". Unfortunately for him and Dynamo Kiev, the Premier League rakes in tons of money.

I obviously disagree with and don't like Kranjcar's statements, but I understand why he said what he did. He's not happy that Tottenham didn't play him very often while also refusing to let him leave, and he's not happy that they're also refusing to let one of his good friends go play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. Honestly, if I were in Kranjcar's shoes, I would probably feel the exact same way even if I would have picked different words.