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Ledley King's Career Was Ruined On His Debut- By Rory Delap

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In a somewhat interesting and insightful interview with The Sun today (yes, this may be evidence that the universe is imminently about to contract to single point), Ledley King revealed a little more than we knew before about the nature of the chronic knee injury which has tragically defined his career, restricting him to 90 minutes of football and ultimately cutting his playing days short. In the piece, King claims that the exact moment when the troubles with his knee began came when he was clattered on his first full start for the club against Derby at Pride Park in 1999- 30 seconds into the game.

"It's amazing that I played as long as I did when I think back to that game at Pride Park", Ledley reveals. "I just about finished the game but I needed an operation on my knee which kept me out for six weeks. I've been having operation on that knee ever since".

"You could say that was the start of the end and it was only four days after my 19th birthday".

So there you have it. Ledley, one of the club's greatest ever icons and arguably it's most technically gifted and brave centre back, hasn't even been 100% for Spurs since his first ever game. It's only once you look at his situation from this perspective that you realize the true extent of what a warrior, what an absolute hero for the side our cartilage free captain truly is.

I also want to use this piece to highlight the fact that the instigator of his troubles is a talentless cretin who, like all of Stoke's current first team, only knows how to throw a ball far and break peoples' legs. Rory Delap everyone.