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Luka Modric Has Been Sold To Real Madrid For £35m, According To Dinamo Zagreb

Bye, bye Luka?
Bye, bye Luka?

The Luka Modric saga will come to an end tomorrow if the Dinamo Zagreb sporting director is to be believed. Zoran Mamic told the Croatian press today that Tottenham Hotspur has agreed to sell the midfielder to Real Madrid for £35 million and that the deal will be completed in the next day, which is of consequence to Zagreb because they will receive a portion of the fee (reported to be £2.5 million).

Because of Zagreb's stake in a Modric sale, it is believable that Mamic knows what is going on with the Modric sale and is right about this. That said, this is not to be taken as fact. Not to generalize an entire region (which is code for "I'm about to generalize an entire region"), but Eastern European football men have been known to speak about things they don't know, jump to conclusions and then let the press run with it.

If Modric is sold for £35 million it will be a little bit of a disappointment considering the hard line that Daniel Levy has taken on the sale, asking for a reported £40 million. To come up short of that will make it tough to consider the sale a "win", but £35 million is still a huge sum of money, one that most consider a fair fee for the brilliant Modric and one that nobody will criticize for taking.

At some point, Levy is going to have to make his mind up on Modric. He is so valuable to the team that he can't be sold without bringing in a replacement and if he waits until August 30 to pull the trigger on a Modric sale then he won't have much time to buy that replacement.

If Mamic is correct and Modric will be sold tomorrow, Levy had a month to find the replacement for the Croat. That would go a long ways to keeping everyone associated with Spurs from having a heart attack.