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Tottenham Hotspur Officially Announce Andre Villas-Boas As New Manager

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The announcement we've all been waiting for has finally happened! Tottenham Hotspur have a manager. According to the SpursOfficial twitter the club is delight to announce Andre Villas-Boas as the new manager. There's been no further news from the club with regards to a contract or anything like that, but for now the club at least has a manager.

[UPDATE] The Tottenham Hotspur official web site now has more information about the hiring. Daniel Levy is quoted in the post:

I am delighted that Andre has agreed to become our new Head Coach. He has an outstanding reputation for his technical knowledge of the game and for creating well-organised teams capable of playing football in an attractive and attacking style. Andre shares our long-term ambitions and ethos of developing players and nurturing young talent, and he will be able to do so now at a new world class Training Centre. We are constantly looking to move the Club forward. It is important that we now look to develop the potential within the squads at all levels, whilst strengthening the First Team in the summer in key positions with players who will become part of the future success of the Club

Andre Villas-Boas, the new manager, then talks about his pleasure in joining Tottenham Hotspur:

Tottenham Hotspur is a great club with a strong tradition and fantastic support, both at home and throughout the world. I feel privileged to be its coach. For me, this is one of the most exciting coaching positions in the Premier League. I have had several discussions with the Chairman and the Board and I share their vision for the future progress of the Club. This is a squad any coach would love to work with and together I believe we can bring success in the seasons ahead.

The Club have also announced the AVB will be bring two members of his coaching staff with him. First team fitness coach Jose Mario Rocha and Daniel Sousa, who will operate as head of opposition scouting.

Villas-Boas was really the candidate most strongly linked with the club, after the initial clamor for David Moyes died down. In recent weeks it has seemed like the club has been on a steady march towards appointing the former Chelsea boss, but until now there had not been any movement.

I think I speak for most when I say that I am happy that the club finally have a manager and can get on with their preseason preparations. Whether AVB is the man for the job will be discussed ad nauseum over the next couple days, but for now he's the manager at Tottenham Hotspur and I for one would like to welcome him to the club.