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*UPDATE* Steven Pienaar, Who Needs To Go Away, Might Finally Be Sold

You're nice and all, but it's time
You're nice and all, but it's time

Update (10:30 AM ET): Sky Sports now claims the fee is £4.5 million. No further sources, but the increased fee is an interesting note. We'll update when he have more news on the transfer.

I have nothing against Steven Pienaar. He is a fine player who really could contribute to this year's Tottenham team, which is still looking for depth on the wing. That said, he is not a game-changer and his transfer saga has gone on too long. I can deal with a long and drawn out situation over someone like Luka Modric, but not Pienaar. It just gets annoying when it's a nice, but nothing special player.

Thankfully, it looks like this whole Pienaar thing might finally be coming to an end. According to Sky Sports (who provided nothing other than it being "sources" and did not have a quote so don't call it fact), Tottenham and Everton have agreed to a £3 million deal for Pienaar that would see the South African return to Goodison Park.

Spurs bought Pienaar from Everton for £3 million and considering his lack of play at White Hart Lane, being able to make that back for a 30-year-old player is pretty good business. Obviously his loan spell with the Toffees helped, but teams don't usually buy a player, sit him for 12 months, loan him for half a year and then sell him for what they bought him for.

All in all, it's a good move for Spurs, if this is true (big if). Most importantly, this annoying "will he, won't he" mess for a decent player goes away. Please be right, Sky. If you are, I promise not to make fun of your fake stories for 24 hours.