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Tottenham Hotspur: Stock Watch

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Between training and 90 minutes of action in Baltimore, it became easier to assess where some of Tottenham's players are at this point. In training you get to see who is precise in their passing and shooting, and whose first touch is deserting them. Against Liverpool, we were able to see the players' fitness, who wilted in the heat and who rose to the occasion. We were able to see some of who looked sharp, and who will have to fight to prove themselves to new manager Andre Villas-Boas.

So without further waiting, here's my Tottenham Hotspur Stock Watch coming out of Baltimore:

Andros Townsend- Stock Rising: I don't think there was a single player who impressed me more in Baltimore than Andros Townsend. Townsend, who first came on the scene via his Europa League appearances last season, has improved rapidly. His confidence seems to be sky high, as he runs at players with the willingness that reminds of a young Bale. But in training you were able to see just how much he's improved skill-wise. His crossing was on-point, and he really shined in shooting drills. Not a lot of belters, but a consistent ability to hit the target. I'll fully admit that coming off of last season, I was a big advocate of loaning out Andros for the season. But his performances have shown that Townsend can contribute NOW.

Harry Kane- Stock Falling: I think if you had just watched the match against Liverpool, you could have easily written off some of the troubling finishes seen in the game. He was the only field player to go 90 minutes, and did find some good spaces. However, Kane's work rate is not nearly high enough right now. And even worse, in training Kane showed little precision in his finishing. Kane blasted far too many balls into the seats, and his first touch seemed nowhere near as tight as his teammates. Due to Tottenham's striker shortage, Kane may find playing time early in the season. But unless he starts to show massive improvement, he does not look capable of contributing yet to Tottenham.

Kyle Naughton- Stock Rising: With Kyle Walker battling injury, Naughton was given a tremendous opportunity to start against Liverpool. Naughton made the most of his opportunity, looking strong at right back. Naughton was got forward but was virtually never caught out of position. He then switched to left back in second half, and although he was not as good, he still looked competent. Combine this with some good work defensively in crossing drill in training, and you're seeing a solid fullback option for Spurs this season.

Aaron Lennon- Stock Down: Perhaps of no fault of his own, but Lennon just does not seem to be a good fit for this system. Lennon has excelled when he has played on the break and had a number 9 as an aerial target, but this team has/does neither at the moment. In training Lennon looked strong, as his finishing was on point, but until either he adjusts to the new system or AVB figures out how to get the best out of the winger, Lennon will continue to not be at his best.

William Gallas- Stock Up: After battling injuries throughout last season, Gallas's status was unknown entering the offseason. But with Ryan Nelsen's departure and Ledley King's retirement, Gallas has become the clear veteran presence of the defense. But not content with that, Gallas is trying prove he should start for this Spurs' defense. An offseason of rest has Gallas looking a much younger man, as his remaining athleticism was on display. Gallas looked absolutely fantastic defending on crossing drills, and interestingly wanted to take post-practice shooting drills, where he looked strong. We understood why he was shooting, as Gallas took a couple of long attacking runs out of the back. Gallas may be the old horse of the Spurs defense, but don't be shocked if his play has him running with the starters come the season.

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