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Luka Modric To Real Madrid Could Be Done, According To ESPN Deportes Reporter

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Fun with foreign language media! American-based Spanish-language media is usually pretty unreliable when it comes to La Liga transfer rumors, especially when it comes to stuff they throw out on twitter, but I felt like this one was worth posting about. According to ESPN Deportes' Omar Orlando Salazar -- or at least a guy we have good reason to believe is Salazar -- Luka Modric's transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid has been finalized.

I am not personally familiar with Salazar, but he is listed as an ESPN Deportes radio personality by ESPN. This twitter account is being followed by the verified twitter account of ESPN Deportes employee Jorge Ramos, along with other prominent Spanish-language and Spanish football journalists, so there's good reason to believe that this is Salazar. He's also not giving himself the normal Daily Mail and Sun-style outs. Someone asked him if this is done for real, and he replied "es oficial".

Additionally, there have been grumblings around the internet for the last couple of days that this was going to get done. This obviously isn't something that's credible enough that everyone should assume that Luka Modric's transfer has been finalized, but it's worth keeping an eye out for. This account doesn't seem fishy, fake or untrustworthy, and the guy passing along the information hasn't created outs for himself. It'll be fun to see how legitimate or completely fake this rumor turns out to be.

A quick edit: Went back through Salazar's twitter feed. Stories he got right ahead of time: Pablo Barrera to Cruz Azul, Jackson Martinez to Porto, Carlos Vela to Real Sociedad, Riquelme looking to leave Boca after the Copa Libertadores final, Nice willing to take right offer for David Ospina, Paulo da Silva and Nery Castillo to Pachuca. Stories he got wrong: Marcelo Bielsa leaving Athletic Bilbao, which multiple major outlets got wrong. Seems like a legit guy.