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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 4, 2012

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"Hey there, roosevelts' girlfriend"
"Hey there, roosevelts' girlfriend"

Happy Independence Day, Spursland! Oh, look at us Americans and Englishmen getting along, the first among friends (psssssst we have been cheating on you with Israel but whatevs). Let us put behind the fact that we were right and your king had syphilis or that John Paul Jones got all up in your grill when you were like "No worries back here, General Howe has got it all under control". We aren't going to talk about any of that today because today is a day of joyfulness. Also, I learned from Iker Casillas that one shouldn't gloat and should instead respect your vanquished enemy (I am purposely ignoring the War of 1812 so don't even start). BTW if you are looking for a shirt to wear today, might I suggest this?

And now the "news"

Five Tasks For Andy Town Snake- The Guardian

Behold Captain Obvious! It says a lot about a team's failures to address problems that are keeping them from progressing towards championship level that all of the things listed in this article have 1. Been things on the to do list for years and 2. Are so well known that even the most casual of casual fan (my girlfriend for example, who has watched a grand total of one game and watched mostly because she wants to leave me for Gareth Bale. She is in London this week, Gareth, so back off, bro) could produce this list if asked.

Revenge On The Menu- Sky Sports

Ladies and germs, I give you an advertisement for an online casino masquerading as journalism. It is things like this that make me picture life in Britain just as the wild west was. There is no law, just Clint Eastwood shooting bad guys. In this country you can advertise for a casino without spending half the add time giving gambling addicts information about how to get help, yet in England you can advertise sweet sweet deals on sports betting right there in your supposedly reputable news webpage.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Megan Rapinoe Comes Out As Gay- SB Nation Soccer

In news that was as shocking to nobody, but was positive for all, Megan Rapinoe comes "out" to the mainstream media, I guess, as she was always pretty open about this one facet of her life before. But this sets a very positive example for young gay and lesbian kids and teens and I am all for that. I didn't think I could get any happier with my aunt's decision to put up Megan Rapinoe posters on my young cousins walls, but here I am even happier that these young girls have such a positive role model.

VIDEO: "Respect For Italy" - Iker Casillas- SB Nation Soccer

That is called gentlemanly play, boys and girls. if you have kids just starting out in sports (and I am a youth coach myself) then I would like you to show your kiddies this video and tell them, "that's how it is done."

Euro 2012's Unheralded Stars -SB Nation Soccer

Now I can learn the names of all those players I have never heard of until Kevin McCauley tweets about picking them up in Football Manager!

America's Romance With Soccer Is Heating Up- SB Nation Soccer

It's true! But don't tell that to a few guys in the comments section that clearly walked into the SB Nation soccer page by accident and decided to say some really uninformed things. Whatever you do, don't go into the comments section and explain to them why they are totally wrong. Please, just resist the urge to use logic and facts to reduce their arguments into a pool of primordial dribble :)