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Tottenham Hotspur Announce Signing Of Gylfi Sigurdsson

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Pretty decent couple of days around these parts, hey folks? The long-rumored signing of Gylfi Sigurdsson is now complete. Tottenham Hotspur announced the signing on the official club website earlier today.

Sigurdsson is just 22-years-old, and has plenty of experience for a player of his age. As an attacking midfielder, he's scored regularly at multiple levels. His 2009-10 season was a breakout year, with 17 goals in the Championship for Reading and 21 goals in all competitions. He was transferred to Hoffenheim, where he scored nine times in 29 games in a solid debut season. Sigurdsson fell out of favor at Hoffenheim, but scored seven times in 18 appearances on loan for Swansea last season.

Even though I'm still wondering when a striker's going to show up, and I have no idea what's going to happen to Luka Modric, I'm really happy with this signing and it has me optimistic about what kind of team we're going to be in the transfer market going forward. Sigurdsson, Jan Vertonghen and Sandro are the types of guys we should be signing to allow us to compete with our bigger-spending rivals in the long term.

We've had a lot of band-aid transfers over the last few windows, and Sigurdsson is anything but.