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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 46: We Will Not Go Quietly Into the Night

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Wheeler Dealer Radio is back at you after a short break, as we finally had a resolution to Tottenham Hotspur's managerial saga. It's Andre Villas-Boas running the show now, as Spurs enter a new era. The Bryan/Brian duo is here to break it down for you this week, as Ashlock and Mechanick break down all the angles of the move. We review AVB's past and discuss the fit of the Portugese manager at the club. We break down how well Tottenham's squad fits into AVB's preferred system. Can the Spurs defenders play the high line? Who fills the stopper, passer, and runners in the midfield? And do Spurs' wingers fit in the attacking role of the attacking 3?

After that we break down the transfers, talking the arrival of Gylfi Sigurdsson at Spurs, discussing his price and role at the club. We break down the Dzagoev rumours, and discuss other potential arrivals. After that it's on to a fun mailbag, where we woulds, transfer rumour sources, and much much more. This show should start a run of shows as we move forward in really getting this transfer window moving. Thanks for listening!

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