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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 6, 2012

I am so close to Spain I can taste the pealla
I am so close to Spain I can taste the pealla

Happy Friday, Spursland! A feeling of dread has come over me this day. It is a feeling that all Spurs fans know signals a level of pain that is borderline apocalyptic. That feeling is, of course, that the club has turned the corner and taken the next step up the ladder to football greatness. Anyone who has followed the club for more than 18 months knows that this feeling means that only hell can follow this sensation.

We have the new manager, we have signed a young player chock full of potential and the young promising players we already have are resigning. These are all great things that experience has taught us can only lead to a crap storm in the future, full on precipitation in the form of crap.

But I am sure that his time it is more muscle memory than anything else. PEACE IN OUR TIME!!!

And now the "news"

Dos Santos Claims He Is Close To Making Spain Jump- Sky Sports

Oh, I see you are still here. Well, try not to make a mess on your way out the door.

Another Shady Link To A Tottenham Move For Oscar- Football Fancast

True story, whenever I see another link to the move for Oscar, I do the happy dance in my apartment.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Emerson Bites Opposing Player- SB Nation Soccer

All the sportsmanship of Albert Haynesworth, but with subtle zombie notes.

Jack Mclnerny Keeps The Back Heel In Vogue- SB Nation Soccer

This back heel is just as good as everyone said that Danny Welbeck's back heel was., unlike Danny Welbeck's back heel.

Manchester United Think All Asians Look Alike- SB Nation Soccer

All together now kids, THATS RAYCESSS.

Alessandro Nesta Close To joining Montreal Impact In Non-DP Deal- SB Nation Soccer

Is Nesta that hard up for cash that he would accept just any contract that someone was offering? Does he know you can just go to China or Qatar and make five times that? Does he know how abysmally bad Montreal are? I feel like I am taking crazy pills, but I KNOW that Nesta is.

In A Rare Showing Of Common Sense, FIFA Allows Headscarves To Be Worn -SB Nation Soccer

Great. I am very happy about this, but this does not look good for, say, France, who still don't allow the hijab to be worn in public schools. You know you suck when FIFA looks more tolerant than you, right, Manchester United?

Colorado Rapids Donate Advertising on Jerseys To help With Wild Fire Relief- SB Nation Soccer

For those who may not know, essentially the entire state of Colorado has been engulfed in wildfires. And it ain't a small state. In fact, it is 12,000 square miles larger than the entire island of Britain. It's not going well.

FIFA Approves Goal Line Technology To Be Tested In The Club World Cup- SB Nation Soccer

Use of technology AND a decision that boarders on tolerance in one day? Who are you and what have you done with the real FIFA?