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This Is My Last Jan Vertonghen Post Until It's Done

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I, like almost all of you, am really tired of all of the rumors and hang-ups with the Jan Vertonghen transfer. I really don't care about the specifics, and how close it is to being done, and how he really wants to be here. Vertonghen has been close to signing for Spurs for a month now, and it hasn't gone through because Ajax are being stubborn.

Vertonghen is meeting with Ajax today, when he'll hopefully settle the matter of whether or not he is owed part of his transfer fee. I would really like this to get sorted out immediately without lawyers.

This is going to be the last post I write about Jan Vertonghen until he is announced as a Tottenham player or he says that he absolutely will not be making a move during this transfer window. This saga is just absolutely beyond stupid at this point, and I want it to be sorted out.

And more than that, I want a new sexy central defender.