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Get Ready For More Leandro Damiao Rumors!

Bongarts/Getty Images

You probably thought that Tottenham Hotspur weren't going after Leandro Damiao anymore, at least in the near future. International had seemingly priced Spurs out of the bidding, while the player himself said he was happy to stay in Brazil until the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup. This might still be the case, but it would be hard to believe that Damiao is not on the market.

That's because Internacional signed Diego Forlan today, and they're almost certainly paying him some serious wages. It's a move that almost certainly puts Damiao on the market. He still won't be available for cheap, but the presence of Forlan in the side will make them more likely to consider offers.

Damiao might be completely out of Tottenham's price range, and Daniel Levy might be very sick of negotiating with Internacional about his availability, but these rumors are about to come back. You're going to see more of them in every single English rag because of the Forlan transfer, and we're probably going to post about them.