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Spurs Reject Increased Luka Modric Bid, Real Madrid Moves On, According To Nonsense

It is all fake news now
It is all fake news now

Daniel Levy is really holding out for his £40 millon valuation and has rejected a £38 million bid from Real Madrid for Luka Modric. Upset that Levy is being Levy, Madrid has given up on trying to sign the midfielder and will now look to buy Wesley Sneijder instead. This is according to Oh Crap and I Just Pulled It Out Of My Ass.

There is a chance that Levy would reject a £38 million bid for Modric. It wouldn't be smart to reject it, but Levy can be stubborn (or several other less flattering words, but stubborn will do). But this being the Mirror, they claim this to be true without a single source, quote or anything. It's true much in the same way that I report that I spent last night with Kate Upton.

But that isn't the end of the story. Now that Madrid has been turned away again, they are ready to move on and Sneijder is their newest target. This makes a lot of sense because they do not have Mesut Ozil or Cristiano Ronaldo or Angel di Maria so they really need the Dutchman. Sneijder is also versatile enough that he could play deep in the midfield like Modric, even though he has never, ever, ever played there effectively before, but the Mail says it's true so deal with it.

In review, Modric will not be sold to Madrid for £38 million and now the Spanish giants will sign Sneijder instead. Bigfoot is also real, theroosevelts welcomes technology into sport, Arsene Wenger has adopted four water bottle children and I spent last night with Jennifer Lawrence, or was it Kate Upton? Both.


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