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All Transfer Rumors Are Bogus, As You Should Be Learning This Week

"Well, you see, everything you read in the papers is crap."
"Well, you see, everything you read in the papers is crap."

I know a good number of you keep your eyes on Sky Sports, the Daily Mail,, ITK jokers from twitter and all other kinds of nonsense to keep up on transfer rumors, just for funsies. Most of us do this knowing full well that it's all garbage, but we need something to fill the dead space between football seasons.

Unfortunately, there's a select group of people that believes all of the crap the Mail and Goal throw at them on a daily basis. I can only hope that this week has changed their lives.

You might have noticed that the regular sources for transfer gossip goodness have run a bit dry over the last few days. That's because these outlets are dedicating their time and resources to the Olympics, a thing that's actually going on and that actually matters. With football columnists assigned to temporary Olympic duty, the rumors have run dry.

If this doesn't seem fishy to you, it should. Because if someone with real inside information tells a reporter at the Mail that one team is in discussions with another over a transfer, they're going to call their editor and the story is going to get printed. If a star player's agent calls up a paper and says that their client is on the move, that story is going to get printed. Even while the Olympics are going on, someone would be made to write up that real news.

But the rumors have run dry. Know why? Because they're never real news. It's very rare that someone actually talked to a club president, or actually talked to a player's agent. When that's the case, they say so. They quote the agent or say "our sources", but how many transfer rumors actually cite quotes from those negotiating a transfer, or a source?

This is just your regular reminder that 80 percent of what you read on the gossip sites and in the papers, even the mainstream media ones, is nonsense. We speculate about the nonsense because we don't have any real football to talk about, and the rags print nonsense because they know people are transfer gossip hungry.

If the stuff the rags printed was actual news, it would still appear in their publications during the Olympics. The rumors have dried up, because they're just filler for times when there's nothing better to talk about and rags need content.

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