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Internacional President Takes Predictable Stance On Leandro Damiao Rumors

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Tottenham Hotspur are rumored to have re-opened the bidding on Internacional forward Leandro Damiao, though they haven't actually submitted a bid yet to our or anyone else's knowledge. Internacional club president Giovanni Luigi is a bit Daniel Levyish and is taking a very predictable stance on the potential sale of his best player. Here's what he had to say about selling Damiao, from O Jogo, via Sky Sports.

"I think it's very hard for the transfer to happen unless Tottenham pay the €60million (£47m) buyout fee that is included in his contract. Leandro Damiao has four more years on his contract. He is a very well paid player and has nothing to complain about. And we don't need to sell. We are a rich club with an enviable structure."

In that respect, he's right. Brazilian football has increased significantly in quality in recent years, and because of increased advertising and TV money that has come along with Brazil's developing economy, Brazilian clubs don't have to cash in on their kids anymore. Inter's business model is generally to sell 1-2 of their good young players every year, and since they already cashed in on Oscar, they don't exactly have a good reason to sell Damiao unless Tottenham (or some other team) pay more than he's worth.