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Shouldn't Have Signed That Contract, Luka

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I think that, at this point, most fans of Tottenham Hotspur would like to see a foreign club meet Daniel Levy's valuation of Luka Modric immediately so an unhappy player can leave and we can re-invest the profits. Unfortunately, it looks like we're about to go through yet another year where Modric demands to leave, misses game time because of his demands, then eventually sucks it up and plays for the team.

Real Madrid hasn't met Levy's valuation and, at this point, it doesn't exactly feel like they're going to anytime soon. Modric is currently training away from the first team, but he's going to have to come back soon if Spurs don't sell him. Andre Villas-Boas would like him to get in the right mental state (read: act like a professional) and get back to training with the first team and play a role in the side.

"He's training alone. We decided to do that until his mental state is ready to return to the team. It is important that, in the coming days, he understands he must return to the first team. We respect the player's ambition, but he must also respect the club."

I understand that Luka Modric wants to leave for Champions League football and more money. If I were him, I would probably want to go to Real Madrid too, since, you know, it's Real Madrid. Lots of clubs are willing to pay him more money than he currently makes and he could get into any 18-man squad in the world.

But, he has four years left on his contract. He signed a new contract when he knew Tottenham couldn't pay him gobs of money, that they weren't a lock to play in the Champions League and that bigger teams were becoming interested in him. He knew all of this and signed a new contract anyway, either because he's misguided or because his agent is an idiot. That was his decision, and he didn't have to make it.

He did, so it's time for him to play.


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