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Spurs' Favorite Possible Striker Fernando Llorente Could Be On The Market

Hi there, Nando
Hi there, Nando

Marcelo Bielsa is an awesome manager who is nothing short of brilliant. Fernando Llorente is an amazing striker who can't seem to do anything but score. Sounds like a match made in heaven for Bielsa, Llorente and Athletic Bilbao, right? Wrong.

The manager and striker are feuding and it may result in Llorente leaving the club. Yes, Llorente is on the market and coincidentally, Tottenham are still looking for a striker. If Bielsa and Llorente isn't a match made in heaven then Llorente and Spurs is, right?

Right now, it isn't completely clear what is going on with Llorente and what Athletic plans on doing with him. There is talk that the club will have a press conference today to address the situation, but that has yet to be confirmed. The only official word available right now is what Bielsa said this week.

"It's a private matter not yet resolved," said Bielsa. "I want the best for the team, the player and the club."

So we don't know a thing, but we may know more today. The rumors are already out there, with talk of him moving to Juventus for as little as £12 million. At that price, Llorente is an absolute steal. Maybe Spurs should get involved.

Seriously, if Llorente is on the market (again if, so we're making some jumps here) then Spurs need to be involved. Juventus might win out and that's fine. They are the defending Serie A champions, are one of the most historically successful clubs in the world and have the Champions League this season so if The Old Lady beat out Tottenham then that is something the boys at White Hart Lane will have to live with. But he better not be able to go to Turin or anywhere else without Tottenham throwing their hat in the ring.