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What The Hell Happened To Zeki Fryers?

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Remember back at the beginning of July when pretty much every news outlet was reporting that Tottenham Hotspur had signed Manchester United youngster Zeki Fryers? Everyone keeps acting like this deal has been completed, even some of you commenters. However, there's no actual proof the Fryers is a Tottenham player.

Let's refresh everyone's memory. The first week of July rumors started to fly that Tottenham were interested in Fryers. The following day it seemed to be the consensus that the defender had signed with Tottenham, because his contract with United had expired, but there still needed to be a fee sorted out by a transfer tribunal. And then...nothing!!! We haven't heard anything from anyone since then.

There has been no confirmation that Fryers has signed for Spurs. He's not shown or mentioned anywhere on Tottenham's site. He's also not in the first-team or under-21 team profiles on the Manchester United website. A quick glance through match reports for both United and Spurs XI friendlies shows that he hasn't been involved in either side. There's not even a mention of him playing with the youth teams.

So, what the hell happened? Where is Zeki Fryers? Wikipedia says he still plays for United. United seems to think he doesn't play for them. He certainly doesn't play for Spurs. What's he doing with his life? Do Spurs have him stashed somewhere? Does anyone have any answers for me?