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Luka Modric Flies To Madrid,Transfer All But Done: Report

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Could the transfer saga from hell finally be coming to an end? According to Sky Sports, citing their own sources, Luka Modric to Real Madrid is all but done. He's flying to Spain tomorrow to finalize his transfer to the reigning La Liga champions.

The transfer fee hasn't been reported by anyone reputable yet, but expect it to be closer to the £25m number we've seen floated around than Daniel Levy's earlier £40m asking price. If it is in that lower range, I expect the deal to have incentives and escalators.

I have to say, I'm very disappointed in the club and Daniel Levy. He could have got this deal done six weeks ago for £25m, chose to hold out for more, and probably got burned. Now Tottenham Hotspur are starting the season with no Modric replacement or striker. This is an abject failure.