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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 16, 2012

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Breaking up is so hard
Breaking up is so hard

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Dealing with a breakup can be hard, even if you knew it was coming for years. I suspect that those out there who are divorced can back me up on that. Well, Luka Modric has broken up with us. We were on a break all summer, but now it seems like it is finally real. We are at the "swinging by to pick up your stuff" phase of the breakup and it is really hitting hard. It is a time when we will do what girls talk about all the time and what guys wish nobody knew we do during break ups -- listen to music about being sad about the breakup. I present your break up song Hoddle Of Coffee because this is The End Of The Road.

No Dos Santos Swap Deal- Sky Sports

I suspect that the problem was that this deal was more of an All Or Nothing

Croatia Manager And Suspected Indie Rock Legend Says Dan Levy Lied- Telegraph

I think the only way for Daniel Levy to make this right is to get Igor Stimac Oceanside.

Yes Spurs Put In A Bid For Hugo Lloris- Inside Futbol

Something tells me that waiting for the next transfer window to open is going to be agony. it is going to be A Long December waiting for another shot at a keeper.

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Felix Hernandez Complete's Perfect Game- SB Nation

Great job by Felix. it gives Mariners fans something to cheer about for once. It is going to be even worse for them now when he is a free agent and he goes out and gets A Brand New Girlfriend.

Bolton To Offer Fabrice Muamba Front Office Position- Lion Of Vienna Suite

Fabrice Muamba has announced his retirement. Farewell, Fabrice, but certainly not goodbye as you move on to the next phase of your life and continue to help lead your club to glory. We will never forget you. I, for one, will be able to say I Remember You and your courage forever.

RVP Was "Open To Staying", But Hell Hath No Fury Like A Wenger Scorned- The Short Fuse

To Sabrina and any other Arsenal fans that have somehow wandered over here, I have the anthem for exactly how you feel right now. I know Against All Odds.

USMNT Finally Wins On Mexican Soil- SB Nation Soccer

The only words I have to say to the Mexican fans. What? You thought I was going to give those guys a power ballad too?

PS: I just had to include this one by request. You know you love you some 2gether.