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Emmanuel Adebayor Ruled Out At City, Running Out Of Options

City doesn't want you
City doesn't want you

Remember Emmanuel Adebayor? He was Tottenham Hotspur's striker a year ago and was the presumed striker for the next two years as Spurs and Manchester City came close to agreeing to a deal. But depending on who you believe, either the teams couldn't agree to a deal or Adebayor wouldn't agree to taking a wage cut and the deal fell apart.

The problem for Adebayor is that he doesn't have many more options. He certainly can't go back to Eastlands. Roberto Mancini made it quite clear that the Togolese striker was not wanted at City.

"I am sorry for Adebayor because he has no chance at City," Mancini said. "He has absolutely no chance of playing this season here so, for us, it's important he can find a good solution."

That's pretty harsh, but it is true. Adebayor has no place at City and if he wants to just collect his paycheck he can, but teams won't be lining up to sign him when his deal expires and he hasn't played in two years. He may have to take a short-term wage cut to make more money long-term. Either that or convince City to pay his wages even when he's playing for another team permanently.

So if City is ruled out then what club is a possibility? Tottenham still is.

Spurs have yet to sign a striker, if you haven't heard, and Adebayor already proved his quality at White Hart Lane a year ago. The club could surely use him and does he really even have another opton?