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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 17, 2012

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Do I look distracted to you Mother F'er?
Do I look distracted to you Mother F'er?

Happy Friday, Spursland! Welcome to the last Hoddle Of Coffee before the season begins. The time has come for our annual quest for the top for to begin anew. The countdown is over, time to Break The Walls Down.

And now the "news"

Moutinho Coy Over Future- Sky Sports

Oh. you little Portuguese bucket of joy, are you flirting with me and my friends? I think you are, you sly little devil. Look at your not playing an entire match with your current peeps to stay fresh for when you hop of the plane and jump right onto the pitch in Newcastle on the same day.

VIDEO: The Guardian's Tottenham Season Preview- The Guardian

This time they are much much nicer to us.

Tottenham Not Distracted By Modric Talks Claims AVB- Telegraph

Said the liar.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

GIF Tournament II: Mortified Punter Region- SB Nation

I know, it is just too perfect for us.

The Predictable Arsenal Fan Burning Van Persie Jersey- SB Nation Soccer

This is so predictably Arsenal. They don't even do this well at all. They can't get the thing to light at first, then they do something very not safe that still only works okay. Worst of all, this clearly isn't about them being all that mad. It is about "hey, bro, let's do this and put it on the internet and people will see us and it will fill the empty hole in our souls".

Manchester City Pioneering Football Analytics- We Ain't Got No History

This may just change how we look at the game. Well, probably not me. I don't like this because it has to do with removing the x-factor from how we look at players and I don't care what you math nerds say (says ardent history nerd). You cannot measure the x-factor.

The Only Winner In the Robin Van Persie Deal Is Robin Van Persie- SB Nation Soccer

Also winners, everyone who isn't a Man Utd. or Arsenal fan. Because we all hate you guys LOL!