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Writers Prediction League - Match 1 at Newcastle United

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The 2012-13 Premiership Season is almost here, and the Cartilage Free Captain crew is here to get predicting. We all respectively think we're the most brilliant, so we're putting it to the test again this year. The rules are simple: 1 point if you get the result correct, a bonus point if you nail the score. Without further waiting, let's get straight to this week's predictions:

Kevin: If Newcastle was healthy, I'd predict a win for the Magpies. They're not, so I won't. The high line gets burned early for a goal, but Siggy hypnotizes everyone with a second half stunner. 1-1 Draw

Mechanick: Yeah, remember all that fretting about #weneedastriker? Defoe grabs one on the break as Spurs commit the robbery. 1-0 Spurs

Ashlock: First matches under new managers are always rough and a trip to the Toon doesn't make it any easier. Bale scores first, but Cisse and Ba give Newcastle three points. 2-1 Newcastle

Ryan: WE STILL NEED A STRIKER. But Gylfi is lovely. 1-0 Tottenham

The Roosevelts: Cisse pulls a hat trick in brutal fashion as if to say, "how you assholes shut up about Neymar". Only one goal is given up due to the high line. 3-1 Newcastle

Ed: If this was a full strength Newcastle side we were facing, I would say this squad would get flattened like putty under Cheik Tiotes size 13s. But they're not gonna be at full steam, like us, so I say bore draw. 0-0 Draw

Petrilli: This match reminds me of the 2009 season opener against Liverpool. 2 goals from the backline. 2-1 Spurs

Uncle Menno: High line, new manager, no striker, hostile away stadium. What could possibly go wrong?! 1-1 Draw

What do you think? Sound off below: