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Summer Target Emmanuel Adebayor Still Fanning The Flames With His Former Fans

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I thought I'd make a story out of this purely because it's quite interesting to see what the most likely contender for the Spurs striker role this season is doing with his time while negotiations are apparently ongoing for his transfer. Specifically, it appears that he's continuing his long-term research into just how far a group of people can be induced to despise one person by continuing to relentlessly troll Arsenal fans on Twitter. Way to demonstrate your commitment to the Lillywhite shirt, Ade.

From what I can gather, the vicious back and forth that's been swelling up between Adebayor and certain sections of our North London rival's support stemmed from an inflammatory comment made by the Togolese striker about the transfer of Alex Song to Barcelona this week. Wading into the debate to defend his former teammate against an Arsenal supporter questioning the defensive midfielder's ability, Ade went on to drop the following slap-down:

And then it all went to hell. In following tweets (all still up for the world to see on his Twitter), Ade goes on to question the quality of the current Arsenal team and the ambition of it's management, occasionally dropping a few jibes at individual Gunner fans for good measure, prompting a tirade of abuse from all corners of the Red and White Twittersphere. It's clear to see that for all of the questions surrounding his commitment to the cause of the teams he's played for, Ade still nows how to sustain a rivalry- an interesting trait for any purportedly incoming Tottenham player. Personally, I'm hoping he'll shift the emphasis off flashing a sharp tongue and on to looking sharp on the pitch should he sign for us in the coming weeks.