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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 2, 2012

You over there, can you play striker?
You over there, can you play striker?

Happy Thursday, Spursland! The last, oh, 18 months or so, maybe 2 years (it feels like 10) has been all about on Spurs signing a striker or two. This summer has been a bit different though because we have every indication that nothing is being left until the last minute as so many things have in the past. That little chance has led to a level of uncharacteristic calm amongst the Spurs faithful.

Just look in the comments in the last week when many, many people have openly said that they are not panicking -- "In Levy we trust" (I know I do) and a full hearted belief that a striker or strikers will be forth coming. The phrase "plenty of time" has been bandied around a bit and that struck me as odd.

Yes, we have the entire month to find the right player to target, negotiate a fee and then agree to personal terms, but that is a month until the transfer window closes. It is only 16 days until Newcastle. This season will be tighter than most. Chelsea are re-tooling big time, Newcastle are still looking strong and the heart of our midfield looks to be on his way out. Every point counts more so than ever this season. We need a striker before Newcastle. 16 days. Just saying.

And now the "news"

AVB To Meet With Luka On His Return To England- Sky Sports

While this is probably about getting Luka's fitness up as he has missed most of the preseason with the team, but this could totally mean that the team has changed its mind and they are not selling Modric. Fo realzies!

Supporter For Sale: Sold- CNN

I am thinking of auctioning off my baseball loyalties. Would anyone care to make a bid? Perhaps the Orioles have a shot at buying me back. (Editor's note: Dodgers! We pay in awesomeness)

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

US Olympian Celebrates In The Most American Way Possible -SB Nation

Or as I call it, "Thursday Night".

Malaga Still Rich: Not In Danger OF Being Relegated- SB Nation Soccer

So they are rich and they just can't pay any of their players or really anything else. What a bunch of dicks.

Arsene Wenger Calls Out Chelsea, Is An Economist- We Ain't Got No History

It would be very, very easy to mock Wenger for being a whining whiner for all his comments about how Chelsea's money is ruining the game, but he does make some very reasonable, measured comments about the level of debt carried by Europe's football clubs in relation to the current international economic situation. There, the one nice thing I will say about this crybaby for this decade.


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