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Andre Villas-Boas & Gylfi Sigurdsson Talk Tactics (Kinda) & A Pretty Goal Vs. NY

All smiles
All smiles

With a win over the Red Bulls in the books, Tottenham's U.S. tour is over and it ended with a win, which is always a good thing. But from Andre Villas-Boas' standpoint, the best part was not just that Spurs won, but that they came from behind to do it.

"It was good and that’s mainly because of the response in the second half," said Villas-Boas. "We were a bit spread out on the pitch in the first half and they were playing in-between us."

THIS SOUNDS LIKE TACTICS! It's not really tactics because it is still the preseason and Spurs still don't have a striker, but it's almost tactics! Tottenham almost did tactical things and it worked. Tactics!

"We came back very strong and managed to get the win that everyone deserved," Villas-Boas said. When you go into the dressing room 1-0 down and you are able to turn it around, showing strong character, that is always positive, because of the players’ mentality and determination to get the result. That’s a good sign."

Now that sounds like 'Arry, even if it is true and meaningful. Team spirit and a good attitude are vital so let's not overlook that, but seriously, tactics! And there were set pieces! This is so cool.

Of course, Tottenham only won because of new signing Gylfi Sigurdsson, who went all pretty on us to deliver the winning goal. Super pretty.

"It was a good goal and good to set up Gareth as well," said Siggy. "It was a nice strike and great to win the game."

Be a good teammate and mention the pass? Check. Basically saying you're awesome and won your team the match? Check (at least that's what it is in my head since I have resigned myself to my beloved Luka leaving and am now driving the Gylfi bandwagon).

"Overall it’s been very good," he added. "We’ve trained a lot, got a lot of fitness work in and played three tough games."

It was only very good if you didn't have to suffer through those first two matches. We did. Where is our prize? Was it that win? That's not worth it. Was it tactics (!) and Gylfi (!)? Okay, worth it.


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