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The 2nd Annual Cartilage Free Captain Fantasy Premier League Challenge

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Edit from Kevin: Bumped this as a reminder. Sign up if you haven't yet.

The start of the Premier League season is just 15 days away. And thanks to reminders by some members of the Commentariat, Cartilage Free Captain will be holding its second annual Fantasy Premier League. Your CFC writers had mixed success (I for the record got approximately 4th place overall), but we'll be coming to play this year.

Want to join? It's quite simple just go and sign-up to play. The click on the "Leagues" tab. Click join an existing league. Then fill in our league code, " 529150-136670" to join. The league name is "The League of [Ledley] Kings". My squad is again "Big Pimpin on BALE", as I try to win the title.

I hope all of you join, and we can keep some good banter going about your league placing on the site this year. I will guarantee a piece of Spurs swag prize to the winner (Editor's note: Almost certainly, but I have to talk to the legal department. Sorry!), so get involved!

One last rule clarification: people got quite angry last year over the usage of Arsenal players. My personal beliefs are that you can use Arsenal players, it's a free country ('MERIKA!), you are just less of a man (or lady) if you do so. But I will leave this rule to the people, vote below and the winning side shall set the rule. Good luck!