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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August 20, 2012


Happy Monday Spursland! You may be moping right now. You may be calling out into the wilderness, "Why, oh why is this my lot in life?" But I bring you a silver lining. Today, when you get up, hopefully shower (looking at you hipsters), and head off to work, at least your job today isn't sifting through this guy's mail hoping you won't find it full of anthrax. Because that guy is going to get some anthrax.

And now the "news"

Oh Holy God This Thing Still Isn't Done Yet-Sky Sports

I essential unplugged form the internet compared to my usual presence from 12:30 pm on Saturday until I began writing this Sunday night. I don't know what wave of optimism swept over me during that time, but I just assumed that the Modric deal would happen whilst my family was using me as slave labor to move my sister into school. Panic is no longer the word for this. Indeed, our designated panic day has come and gone. It is now time for organized rebellion in the streets. Let's go occupy all over Dan Levy's house. Most of you guys in college who read this look to have already mastered the mildly homeless look already. All we need are some tents and a ton of books to build an ill-advised and short on selection library.

Harry Kane To Be Third Striker At Spurs-The Guardian

Well that seems rather cocky since you know without that Modric money we've got nothing or something.

Let's Hug-Dear Mr Levy

Indeed let us hug and not just over this loss in a game that seemingly could have been ours. Let us hug each other as a community. Sometimes when you get hurt inside you, brothers and sisters, all it takes to comfort you is a hug.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Ronday Rousey Defends Her Title In 54 Seconds-Bloody Elbow

Did you think there was a chance I wasn't going to gush about Ronda Rousey? This fight was relatively over with at the 20 second mark when Rousey hit a foot sweep from the feet (not a trip, as stated in the article, HUGE difference). Footsweeps, while difficult in sports like Judo or wrestling and thus not often seen even at the highest levels, are just about unheard of in MMA where someone can, well, punch you in the face. After that it was the usual Ronda brilliance. Quick transition to the arm bar and the fight was over. Unlike her last fight Sarah Kaufman tapped out and avoided this.

BBC: Arsenal Close In On Sahin Loan-The Short Fuse

This is just all kinds of suck.

Least Worst: True Blood-Progressive Boink

it is much much worse than the least worse. I will not elaborate, but I have done the research on why it is the worst. Hint hint fellas: the aggressive sex scenes are there so you will complain less when your wife makes you watch this shit.