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Rennes General Manager Confirms Spurs Bid On Yann M'Vila

Could he find a home at White Hart Lane?
Could he find a home at White Hart Lane?

Maybe Tottenham aren't as done with Yann M'Vila as Andre Villas-Boas says? It was just last week that the Spurs manager was ruling out the French international, but now M'Vila's club Rennes says that Tottenham are one of three clubs bidding for his services.

According to several reports out of France, Rennes said on Monday that Spurs, Arsenal and Zenit St. Petersburg had all bid on M'Vila and were continuing discussions for the midfielders. This came after the club chairman confirmed that M'Vila would not play again for Rennes and they bought Jean Makoun to replace him so the club seem set on selling the midfielder.

Arsenal's interest is to be expected. Arsene Wenger has been a fan of M'Vila's for a long time and with the club having just sold Alex Song, they could really use a midfielder like M'VIla.

But are Spurs interested? It was just a week ago that the club apparently weren't.

"[M'Vila] is an interesting player, but I don't think he will join Tottenham," Villas-Boas said last week "The player is a player of defensive characteristics. We had initial interest in M'Vila but we have moved on from that one and are now looking for a more creative player."

The team probably do need a more creative player than M'Vila. Sandro and Jake Livermore are both good, young players individually, but they don't make a great pairing and while M'Vila is a definite improvement on the ball from both, he isn't a passing wizard.

Considering that Rennes are asking for £16-20 million for M'Vila (a fair price so they can probably get it), Spurs would be paying a lot of money for an admittedly very good player, but not a perfect fit. That's a tough pill to swallow, but this question also has to be asked: can Spurs do any better at this point?