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Sébastien Bassong Moves to Norwich

(Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
(Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With the Luka Modric transfer deal still stalled for the moment, and no concrete movement on the striker front, Tottenham have still managed to make some positive progress in the transfer market by unloading some dead weight. The dead weight in question is Sebastien Bassong, who this morning confirmed his transfer to Norwich City over Twitter.

The 26 year old center back has not found a place at White Hart Lane, and hasn't lived up to the expectations placed upon him. After a good stint with Newcastle United in the 08-09 season, Bassong moved from relegated Newcastle to Tottenham for £8 million. Choosing us over Arsenal, and Manchester City, Bassong made 38 appearances in the 2009-10 season, scoring a goal on his debut over Liverpool. He was also the first Tottenham player to score in our last appearance in the Champions League, against Young Boys. Despite this, Bassong never displayed the quality he had shown at Newcastle, and after the 09-10 season he was signed over and relegated to the bench, or not on the roster at all. The Cameroonian international didn't get regular first team football again until moving to Wolves on a loan back in January, though his arrival did not prevent the side from being relegated to the Championship.

There is no news on the fee yet, but as we say goodbye to Bassong, I feel it needs to be reminded that in spite of his shortcomings over recent seasons, it still should be noted that Bassong started 35 out of 38 games in our Champions League qualifying season. No matter how he played or how we view him, it's important to remember that he still had a hand in putting the team in the position it enjoys today. I know I'll wish him all the luck and best wishes at Norwich, and hopefully he rebounds and enjoys a Younes Kaboul like resurgence. It's also good to see a player leave gracefully and simply do his best to perform the job. It's good to know Bassong wishes nothing but the best for us in the future.