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Leandro Damiao Rumors Won't Die; Jermain Defoe Exit Rumors Accompany Them

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If you believe the internet gossip (and if you've been here for a while, you should know not to), Tottenham Hotspur are on the verge of selling Jermain Defoe, then replacing him with Leandro Damiao. The Guardian had a story this morning on this very subject, says that Queens Park Rangers -- who are also about to sign Michael Dawson from Spurs -- are interested in making a move for Defoe.

Of course, Tottenham wouldn't sell Defoe unless they signed at least one more striker, and we're reportedly continuing the chase for Damiao. According to that same Guardian article, Tottenham have representatives in Porto Alegre to negotiate the transfer.

Surprise! Internacional's president is disputing that.

Giovanni Luigi is the world's ultimate killjoy and seems to hate internet rumors with a fiery passion. Every time someone links Damiao to a move away from Internacional, the club's president speaks to the media to quash those rumors instantly. So far, he's been spot in 100 percent of the time, since Damiao hasn't been sold yet.

Here's what he had to say to Globo Esporte, translated by ESPN.

"There isn't any Tottenham representative here, and nothing is scheduled. The ones that have been coming here are agents ... I have nothing scheduled with Tottenham. Internacional want to keep Leandro Damiao. He'll leave only if there is an extraordinary offer."

I'd kind of like these rumors to die, because I really do not think that Luigi is letting Damiao go anywhere.


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