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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 23, 2012

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Are you sold yet?
Are you sold yet?

Happy Thursday, Spursland! I find myself directionless. What does one write about now that our long journey towards #weneedastriker is over? I mean what are we supposed to write about over and over and over again? Whatever could still be out there that has dragged on and on, year after year, season after season? Oh, I'm sorry little man who looks like Ellen Degeneres, did you want to say something?

Modric "Close" To Dream Real Madrid Move- Sky Sports

When will it end? When will it end? This saga is like the Cold War. People have been born and died between its beginning and end and they have lived seemingly full lives in that time period. But then again, maybe Levy will come out of this with £30m and the rights to all Madrid academy players for the next 99 years. Then it will all be worth it.

Spurs Submit New Leandro Bid- Telegraph

Oh look, another transfer saga that rivals the Hundred Years War for duration with no climax. If this rumor was a person I have exactly one question I would ask it.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Tiny Michigan Man Has Last Laugh- SB Nation Soccer

Yeah, take that Oklahoma! Great Lakes FOR THE WIN, you dust bowl having, cow paddy eat'n, sons of guns!

Why Adebayor Was Vital To City's Progress- Bitter And Blue

Well it is nice to know they appreciated him while he was there. However The claim that City are not paying any of Ade's wages could be backed up with more proof than a tweet. Thou shall not besmirch the Levy.

Bartolo Colon Suspended 50 Games for Testostorone- SB Nation MLB

For those looking for the best bowel themed headline for this story or it's aftermath well, Athletics Nation has you covered.


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